Landscaping in Clarkston

Discovering the Advantages of Carefully Designed Landscaping

There is a noticeable difference in the curb appeal of homes that have well-manicured lawns with accents of balanced shrubbery and colorful flowers, versus those that have uneven sod and overpopulated vines snaking their way through a once successful garden. What you may not know is that those homes with the carefully designed landscaping enjoy more than the satisfaction of having an appealing yard. The benefits of taking adequate time to design and maintain your yard extend far beyond the visual charm, and at Elowsky Lawn Services we are armed with the tools and experience to makeover your yard so you can begin to experience these advantages.

Landscape Designers Near Me

A professional landscape design team won’t just give you a beautiful looking yard, they’ll provide you with a functional and enjoyable space designed for your specifications. Are you an avid lawn bowler, or do you prefer to practice the art of lounging? We will take all these aspects of your personality into account and more. We’ll ensure that your newly designed landscape won’t infringe on your favorite pastimes and future plans.

We’ll make sure that your newly laid lawn is not under constant threat of visitors and passers-by. How will we do this? Well, by constructing carefully planned paths and walkways that guide guests through your property. Paths can be constructed with interlocking tiles, gravel, or stones. Your property could even have grass paths laid between two picturesque flowerbeds.

Having clearly marked paths and walkways will ensure that visitors won’t trample over your lawn. These paths are also for the benefit of those visitors too. If they stay on the right path, they won’t trip over sprinklers, fallen branches or stones that might be scattered throughout your property.

At Elowsky Lawn Services we try to think of everything. That might seem excessive to some companies, but to us, it is the least we can do.

Autumn Lawn Care Services: Seasonal Landscaping in Clarkston

A lot of homeowners will invest hundreds of dollars in their landscape during the late spring and summer months but come autumn they completely abandon their lawn.

Many people don’t realize that their grass keeps growing during the cool months of autumn. Grass keeps growing at a relatively normal rate until temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Why not keep your lawn looking lovely until it is covered with snow and you can’t see it anymore?

Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Services

Just because summer has ended, doesn’t mean landscape maintenance has to be set aside. At Elowsky Lawn Services, we offer a variety of services that aren’t just suitable for autumn— they’re ideal!

Some of these services include:

  • Mulching: Soil is still moist and warm during autumn, making autumn the perfect time for mulching.
  • Lawn Aeration: Cool temperatures and warm soil make autumn the perfect time to aerate your lawn. Also, during the fall, your lawn is preparing itself for winter. During this preparation process, the lawn will begin to enhance its roots. Aerating your lawn will increase root growth, let your lawn breathe, and will also prevent thatch buildup.
  • Transplanting: Always transplant your perennials when the weather is cool and the plants are not using as much water.
  • Fertilization: This might seem counterintuitive, but fertilizing your lawn a few weeks before the ground freezes will help your lawn come springtime. Some autumn fertilization will give your grass a chance to build some needed stamina before winter takes hold.

Another benefit of autumnal lawn care? Comfortable weather! When fall arrives you don’t have to worry about high temperatures draining all your energy and focus.

Elevated Relaxation and Entertaining

Your decision to partner with us as your trusted landscaper means you no longer have to worry about the never-ending maintenance of your yard. The physical exertion resulting from tasks like pruning, weeding, mowing, watering, and planting are now our responsibility. This allows you more time to relax in the oasis that is your yard and entertain your guests while surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Functional Design

One of the reasons we are a superior landscaping contractor in Clarkston is because we take sufficient time to plot a proposal for your yard. We will test your soil and research which kinds of plants will grow most successfully in your environment. We take into account the design of your home and construct a plan that is complementary to the style, color, and material of your house to create something unique yet beautiful. Finally, our designs are functional to allow you the maximum use of your yard without obstructing everyday enjoyment. We’ll anticipate how additions such as pathways, fountains, and garden arrangements can be incorporated in a way that is functional and aesthetic without getting in the way or posing a safety hazard.

Increased Home Value

The way your yard is maintained can make a world of difference in the property value of your home. A well-manicured lawn and carefully planned garden areas merely scratch the surface by providing heightened visual appeal. However, should you ever choose to sell your home, having a properly working and strategically installed watering system, clearly marked pathways, and flourishing trees and flowers may be an incredible selling point for potential buyers. Environmentally friendly and appropriate landscaping can be another selling point as many homeowners are appreciative of designs that don’t require excessive maintenance and care.

Savings on Valuable Resources

As your designated landscaper, we have the tools to help you save on valuable resources like water, time, and money. A carefully designed yard will utilize nature to create solutions for tasks like watering, that are efficient and effective. We can also save you the headache and financial stress that often comes as a result of poor planning. We will help you select flowers and shrubs that will grow successfully in your yard so you aren’t overspending on plants that continue to die month after month.

Re-Connect With Nature

Whether you have a young family or are extremely busy with work, you don’t need to be reminded that taking a vacation can be a very expensive venture that isn’t always possible. So, if this option is out for you then why not try a staycation instead. More and more home-owners in Clarkston are opting to spend some or all their vacation at home, and given the high-quality landscaping offered by us it is easy to see why this is the case. Our team of landscape specialists can create a retreat that you and your loved ones can take advantage of over long weekends or holidays—minus the unattractive travel expenses that come with a trip out of town or overseas. So, if a vacation is not feasible given your current schedule, then give Elowsky Lawn Services a call and let us work wonders on your yard right away.

Protect Natural Wildlife

For us at Elowsky Lawn Services, landscaping is much more than a 9 to 5 grind, it really is our passion and something we take very seriously. Our team of landscaping specialists know every trick in the book to enhance the look and feel of your yard with detailed shrubbery patterns, manicured paths and impeccable pairing of flowers and plants. However, as well as transforming your lawn visually, we can also make sure that all existing inhabitants—whether birds or insects—are protected and incorporated seamlessly into this newly designed environment. Our landscape designs will always seek to protect all-natural wildlife that call your yard home and we will never do anything to force them away.

Improved Quality of Life

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that an enhanced lawn that serves as a gorgeous backdrop to your Clarkston home will inevitably also be a more attractive location to spend time with friends and family. By investing in Elowsky Lawn Services high-quality landscaping service you can find the perfect secluded getaway to read your favorite book or to welcome guests for a spontaneous gathering. Similarly, a well-landscaped lawn means that you can spend more time outdoors and this is a great way of getting much needed fresh air after a busy day in the office.

Transform Unused Spaces Into Functional Areas

If there is one thing that really grinds our gears at Elowsky Lawn Services, it is seeing a section of a Clarkston lawn that we work on being completely neglected and underused because it hasn’t received the adequate attention from its owner. For instance, a side-yard that has been under-used for years, or an over-looked backyard that has been home to twigs and leaves for far too long can be revitalized almost immediately with the addition of some simple outdoor furnishings. Factor in some shrubbery, a slightly more manicured look, and you have yourself a whole new yard!

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