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Lawn care requires passion, care, and an in-depth understanding of local ecology.

At Elowsky Lawn Services of Michigan Inc, we proudly combine all three of those qualities. Since opening our doors, we’ve established ourselves as West Bloomfield’s leading choice for expert lawn care. We are renowned for our mastery, our expertise, and our unwavering commitment to our customers. Over the years, we’ve helped countless clients get the lawn of their dreams.

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Free Consultations, Personalized Lawn Care

We offer our services with a personal touch. As a local business, we like to get to know our clients and establish a strong working relationship with them.

Our free consultation service helps us achieve exactly that. You can take advantage of it. Give us a ring, and we’ll be happy to avail you of our expertise. We’ll sit down with you, answer any questions you may have about our services, and assess the condition of your lawn. We’ll then explain what we can do to help revitalize your lawn and restore to pristine condition.

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Lawn Care Maintenance Services

Our lawn care is trusted and proven to deliver real results for our customers. With our years of experience, we’ve developed a set of time-tested techniques to provide safe, effective, and dependable lawn care. Altogether, we can proudly say that our lawn care is:


By providing effective nourishment, we’re able to strengthen the roots of your grass and make your lawn more resilient. With us, your grass will resist weathering, stand up to wear and tear, and stay healthy for years to come.


Thanks to our intimate understand of local ecology, we’re able to detect the earliest symptoms of soil damage, root rot, and other issues. We’ll catch the warning signs before they pose a problem for your lawn.


We provide extensive soil and root repair, restoring vigor and vitality to even the most damaged of lawns.


We are a full-service landscaper, with the skill and equipment to tackle virtually any lawn issue head-on. Complete coverage is what you can expect from us.

A Commitment to Affordability, Sustainability, and Customer Satisfaction

As a lawn and landscaping company, we take our responsibilities seriously. Those responsibilities extend to our staff, customers, and planet.

We maintain a lean business model so that we can keep our prices affordable for our customers. That way, all members of our community can benefit from our services and achieve the lush green lawn they’ve always wanted. We’re keeping West Bloomfield looking beautiful—one job at a time.

We may be affordable, but we don’t cut corners to save a dollar. Least of all: we refrain from using subpar products that, while effective, pose a hazard to you, pets and children, and our environment. Instead, we use green, eco-friendly alternatives that harness the power of nature. They’re safe, they’re dependable, and they won’t affect the health of surrounding vegetation, animals or children. Your lawn will look great—and your feet will feel fabulous.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services always come with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of our work, we want to know about it. We encourage you to let us know where we’ve fallen short of your expectations, and we’ll do everything we can to fix the issue. We’re not satisfied until you are. It’s our guarantee.

Spare the Backache—Choose Our Lawn Services

For many homeowners in West Bloomfield, lawn care can be a daunting task. With so many products, tutorials, and services available on the market today, many homeowners do not know where to begin. Not to worry, that’s where we at Elowsky Lawn Services come in. We are committed to providing West Bloomfield families with excellent lawn care service that is environmentally friendly, affordable and never compromised on quality. See for yourself.


At Elowsky Lawn care, we know that many homeowners do not have the time it takes to ensure proper lawn care maintenance, such as mowing, trimming, watering and irrigation. We are happy to let our passion be your excuse to relax and enjoy quality time off with your family. Our affordable pricing and convenient scheduling will have you thrilled that you chose to partner with us. We take pride in open, clear communication with our customers. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. This kind of care and attention to detail coupled with excellent customer care is what we at Elowsky Lawn Care believe has ensured the ongoing success of our company.

Why Hire a Professional Lawn Care Company?

A green lawn says volumes about the interest you take in the maintenance and curb appeal of your home. When properly maintained, grass can flourish and remain healthy, green, and growing without excessive maintenance, water, fertilizer, or reseeding. At Elowsky Lawn Services, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled lawn care to our customers and giving them a priceless area in which to play, create memories, and share the beauty nature has to offer. With our help, you can keep your lawn green without overusing valuable resources like water.

Seek Professional Assistance

One of the best things you can do is to enlist professional help in West Bloomfield Township. We have the tools and experience to design and install a watering system that is unique to the plants growing on your property. We utilize the nature you already have to create a solution that is efficient and environmentally friendly. This ensures your lawn, plants, flowers, shrubbery, and trees acquire the water they need and retain enough to stay satisfied and grow without excessive use of water. The watering system we install will be regularly monitored for malfunctions or leaks to avoid flooding, damage to your landscaping, and unnecessary waste of water. Consulting the help of a professional lawn care provider will save you the time and money it can often take to enjoy and maintain a beautiful healthy lawn. We have the industry standard, green compliant tools, and the skill it takes to transform and upkeep your lawn into the lawn of your dreams! You will rest assured knowing that your lawn is safe and free from potentially harmful pesticides that can damage the health of your family.

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TLC for Your West Bloomfield Township Lawn

The Elowsky Lawn Services family has been giving lawns TLC for years. Our dedicated team focuses on lawn care, landscaping and design to give you a luscious yard your friends and family will envy. Whether it’s a full landscaping job or a spring/fall cleanup, we love creating beautiful yards in West Bloomfield Township.

The Importance of Adding Aeration and Fertilization to Your West Bloomfield Lawn Maintenance Routine

When it comes to keeping the lawn outside your West Bloomfield home or business looking lush, healthy, and green, a little bit of effort goes a long way. Many people already know how important trimming the lawn regularly can be. Similarly, you’ll find very few people uneducated about how important water is to the growth of healthy-looking grass. But when it comes to aeration and fertilization of your West Bloomfield lawn, many people are still in the dark about these two absolutely essential lawn maintenance practices. We’re at Elowsky Lawn Services have put together this guide to why these two treatments are important to add to your regular lawn maintenance, and why you should trust us to help you do so:

Aeration Makes for Healthier Lawns

You’ve probably seen an aerated lawn without knowing it. Many business owners in the West Bloomfield area pay to have their lawn aerated, and with such large properties and curb appeal being very important to the success of their business, there’s little wonder why! Have you ever walked across a cool green lawn only to find the field peppered with chunks of dirt? That’s a byproduct of the aeration process. A lawn maintenance technician will aerate a lawn by using a machine called—you guessed it—an aerator, which will perforate the soil with tons of tiny holes. This allows both water and air to reach deeper into the soil. It’s essential for root growth. So how do you know if your lawn needs aeration? Big, dead patches are a sure sign. And so is pooling or puddling of water on top of your lawn after a heavy day of watering or a rainstorm. All that water is unable to reach the soil where it belongs, which means your garden or yard isn’t getting the hydration it needs to stay healthy.

Fertilization Is a Must

When it comes to fertilizer, most people are happy just buying the inexpensive kind they find at their local hardware store. And while many people know fertilizer plays some role in healthy lawns, they don’t necessarily understand why, or know that there are dozens of different kinds of fertilizers you can apply to your lawn. Fertilizer is, simply, any material that contributes any one of three essential nutrients that plants need to grow healthy and strong. Most you find these days are chemical, but compost and animal waste are ‘natural’ fertilizers, and if you go to a local organic shop you’ll be able to find ‘green’ options for producing more revitalized lawns. So what does fertilizer add to a growing lawn? Any or all of the following:


Nitrogen is everywhere around is—including in the air we breathe. And it’s essential to many biological processes in animals and plants. But plants can’t capture nitrogen from the air and require bacteria to produce it into a form they can use in the soil. But we can skip the hundreds of years it takes to produce nitrogen-rich soil by adding some in the form of fertilizer. And what does nitrogen do? It’s one of the biggest components of chlorophyll, the chemical that plants use to produce energy.


Phosphorus helps plants create proteins, which they use to build the structures they need to grow properly. This includes their roots, which they need to pick up nutrients from the soil!


Potassium plays the same role in plants as it does in your body: it helps control liquid pressure! When you don’t have enough potassium, water leaves your cells too quickly, and you might get a headache. When a plant doesn’t have enough potassium, it wilts, meaning that it can’t absorb sunlight through its leaves.

Full-Service Lawn Care

At Elowsky Lawn Services we’re proud to offer a large variety of services to keep your lawn in the best possible shape. Nothing says curb appeal like an expansive bright green lawn, landscaped or not, it’s guaranteed to make your home pop!

  1. Sodding and Re-sodding Sod is the speedy option to get a great looking lawn, since you’re not starting from seed.
  2. Aeration Aerating a lawn exposes it to higher concentrations of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.
  3. Fertilization Boost your lawn’s growing power with high quality fertilizer. At Elowsky Lawn Services we don’t take any short-cuts!
  4. Mowing and Trimming Let’s face it: no one likes mowing their lawn. Except maybe our Elowsky Lawn Services family! We’ll take care of it so you don’t have to, and even prune your plants while we’re at it.
  5. Lawn Treatments If you’ve got a problem lawn, we can apply treatments to bring it back to life.

Just like people need spa days, yards do too. Pamper your lawn without breaking the bank. Hire Elowsky Lawn Services and we’ll provide better results than you could even imagine!

The Importance of Lawn Care

The way we see it, there’s no half-way point when it comes to lawn care. If you want grass and flowers and a beautiful lush yard, you must take care of it properly. If not, you’ll have to explore the world of rock and cement landscaping. A bright and clean lawn does volumes for a West Bloomfield Township property whether you and your neighbors will enjoy it for years, or you’re looking to add some re-sale value. A lawn that is improperly taken care of can look shabby quickly. While trimmed foliage is a sign of a stately home, overgrowth signifies a lack of interest in your property. But it’s not just how a lawn looks when it’s not taken care of, it’s the ecological results as well. Lawns that are well taken care of with a deep root system controls erosion and runoff—and even purifies water! Your Lawn Deserves it Let our family take care of yours and give you a beautiful lawn you can admire and enjoy for years to come. Elowsky Lawn Services has a passion for landscaping and will provide only the best for your lawn care needs.

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